Gasto the emperor – signs out of crews with unknown reasons

Gasto the eemperor – signs out of crews with unknown reasons

The last public note.on behalf of all SIKONGO SWAGG MUSIC CREW…today we are officially announcing to you all that we are wishing our brother Gaston Namenda a.k.a Gasto the emperor all the best in his music career all the services that we offered to him/what he offered to the crew we put them in the history making the artists decided to exit from the crew with unknown reasons/reasons known by him ..he is now no longer part of the team we signed him in 2020 if am not mistakenly and he left the team in 2023 this mark 3 yrs in the movement the Miles was great and wish to do good things in the next crew thank you for the time my brother to all SIKONGO RAPPERS and the new in-coming artists I wish you the best in yo carrer.

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