Ndiwe Olimba Na Vi Power – Ex-Hubby Yo Maps Motivates Mwizukanji after First Round Knock Out in Sweden

Ndiwe Olimba Na Vi Power – Ex-Hubby Yo Maps Motivates Mwizukanji after First Round Knock Out in Sweden


Sports can be a rollercoaster of emotions, with moments of excitement and disappointments. In a recent sports event in Sweden, Mwizukanji experienced a first-round knockout. However, following the setback, an unexpected source of motivation emerged – her ex-husband, Yo Maps, a well-known figure in the music industry. Yo Maps provided words of encouragement and support, reminding Mwizukanji that she possesses the strength to rise above any challenge.

A Display of Strength:

Mwizukanji‘s participation in the sports event demonstrated her dedication, skill, and determination as a Dodixer. Stepping into the ring requires immense courage, as it exposes athletes to both physical and emotional strain. While Mwizukanji faced an unfortunate defeat in the first round, her ability to overcome setbacks and persevere showcases her remarkable strength as an athlete.

Unexpected Motivation:

During this challenging time, Mwizukanji found solace in an unlikely source – her ex-husband, Yo Maps. Known for his musical talents, Yo Maps proved that their relationship extended beyond their past as he publicly expressed his support for Mwizukanji. His motivating words, “Ndiwe Olimba Na Vi Power” (You are strong with your own power), serve as a powerful reminder that true strength lies within oneself.

Unity in Adversity:

The gesture from Yo Maps highlights the importance of unity and support in times of difficulty. Despite their personal history, he set aside any differences and recognized Mwizukanji‘s talent and determination. This act of encouragement not only boosts her morale but also strengthens the bond between them as they navigate their separate paths. It reminds us that even after relationships change, the impact we have on one another can endure.

Inspiring Others:

Mwizukanji‘s experience and Yo Maps‘ support serve as an inspiration to others, both within the sports community and beyond. It demonstrates the power of kindness and encouragement in uplifting individuals during challenging times. Athletes often face setbacks and defeats, but the power to continue pursuing their dreams is what sets them apart. By sharing their story, Mwizukanji and Yo Maps inspire others to find their inner strength and persevere in the face of adversity.


Mwizukanji‘s journey in the sports arena took an unexpected turn with a first-round knockout. However, her ex-husband, Yo Map‘s , stepped up to offer support and motivation, reminding her of her inherent strength. This incident serves as a reminder that personal relationships, even after they change, can continue to provide solace and inspiration during difficult times. The story of Mwizukanji and Yo Maps resonates with people beyond the sports community, emphasizing the power of unity and encouragement. Their experience encourages others to find strength within themselves and keep going in their pursuits, regardless of the challenges they may face.

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