Vinchenzo Becomes the First Artist to Withdraw from Kwacha Zambia Music Awards

Vinchenzo Becomes the First Artist to Withdraw from Kwacha Zambia Music Awards

[Lusaka, 5th August 2023] – In a surprising turn of events, Vinchenzo M’bale, represented by Galaya Music Entertainment, has announced their decision to withdraw from the upcoming Kwacha Zambia Music Awards. The decision comes as a result of concerns raised by both Vinchenzo and their music label, Galaya Music Entertainment, regarding the lack of due diligence and communication from the awards committee during the nomination process.

Throughout their musical journey, Vinchenzo has been known for their unwavering dedication to excellence and their soulful craft, earning them recognition and admiration from both fans and industry peers alike. It is precisely because of this commitment to musical excellence that the decision to withdraw from the Kwacha Zambia Music Awards has been a difficult one.

Galaya Music Entertainment, as a music label, has consistently advocated for the growth and development of the Zambian music industry. They firmly believe in the power of awards ceremonies to uplift and celebrate the talents of artists while also recognizing the importance of upholding the integrity and credibility of such events.

The lack of prior communication and due diligence from the awards committee has raised serious concerns for both Vinchenzo and Galaya Music Entertainment. To make any awards ceremony meaningful, it requires nominating and evaluating artists based on fair and transparent criteria, ensuring deserving artists receive the recognition they truly deserve.

Facebook Post:

In a statement released on Vinchenzo’s official Facebook page, the artist emphasized their choice to prioritize the value and reputation of their brand. As a music label, Galaya Music Entertainment remains committed to supporting their artists and protecting their artistic integrity, standing firmly behind Vinchenzo’s decision to withdraw from the awards.

The withdrawal from the Kwacha Zambia Music Awards has garnered significant attention from fans, fellow artists, and industry stakeholders who have supported Vinchenzo throughout their musical journey. Their continued support serves as a driving force behind Vinchenzo’s determination to produce exceptional music, despite this challenging decision.

Galaya Music Entertainment assures the public that they will continue contributing to the growth and success of the Zambian music industry. They will maintain an environment that nurtures talent and provides equitable opportunities for all their artists.

Vinchenzo’s unique sound and passion for music have earned them a dedicated fan base and admiration within the music industry, making this withdrawal a significant event in the Zambian music scene.

About Galaya Music Entertainment:

Galaya Music Entertainment is a reputable music label dedicated to supporting and promoting talented artists across various genres. Their mission is to contribute significantly to the growth and development of the Zambian music industry while preserving the artistic integrity of their artists. With this commitment, they strive to create a thriving and vibrant musical landscape in Zambia.

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